Belongings, an interior design showroom and retail store owned by the principals, is located on Grace Bay next to our office. The store offers an extensive line of furniture, finishing materials, and accessories, We also have the knowledge of and access to a much broader spectrum of goods and materials. BDA is fully equipped/has the capability to specify and fulfill large orders for our clients.


Government Approval/Purchasing Services

BDA has many years of experience in business and government relations in the TCI. This work has included consulting services to secure approvals through the review process, as well as purchasing services to manage the importing, delivery and installation of furniture shipments large and small.

Brand identity/Graphics/Marketing Materials

The firm, and several staff members individually, have significant experience designing and developing brand identity packages both separately and on many of our architectural and interior design projects. These include logo design, architectural signage and wayfinding programs, and design and graphics for packaging and collateral materials. Brochures and advertising material have also been provided for many marketing programs.